Jun 7, 2009

A Blog Policy - making sense of a schizophrenic world of blogs !!

The reason I am writing this is because its seems to be a real issue now. Even one of my bigger clients(incidentally is quite online savvy is trying to get a grip on the scattered world of blogging.

Corporates which tend to take themselves very seriously without having the heart to take criticism are quite scared of this new media.

I went to www.nuffnang.com.my(largest blog aggregator in Malaysia ) to check whether they have certaing selection criteria for blogs, I found nothing about the eligibility criteria for blogs .But really to be fair to them , what maybe "appropriate" for a certain category maynot be the one for others.

Digressing a bit , its not a brand which needs the blogging policy most these days, its a country - China , which had a blanket block out of all social media and blogs as well during the anniversary of tiananmen square . Although am not sure how they would have implemented the blog boycott , maybe blocking all blogspot.com , wordpress.com etc. I had posted it on June 2nd drawing a parralel between the shared tenets of communism and social media , yet how one cannot survive with the other.

But on a overall basis , some of the checks which any client may do we feel should done before hiring a blogger to write a blog for your brand maybe in the direction of the undelined points.

You - Any Brand (China maybe 10 yrs from now)- may reject a blog if :

The Page rank & impressions of the home page are not high
The post is not in English (or in the langiage briefed)
The post has excessive spelling and/or grammatical errors.
The post makes no sense.
The post is not related to your website, products, or service.
The page cannot be found.
The post gives incorrect information relating to your products or services.
There are hyperlinks to other domains(competitive) than yours.
There are pop up ads.
The post is listed under a "sponsored" category, or a category related to paid posts
The anchor text is not part of the blog.
The post is less than 150 words.(Longer posts have better credibility)
The post has duplicate content.
The post is not accessible from the home page.
The post or site has pornographic or hate content or extreme use of bad language.

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