Aug 18, 2009

Why Nokia e71 and not apple iphone or Vice Versa


While there are many ways of looking at what Nokia wants to deliver through the E71
product(that would depend on the advertising agency as well) but the list of keywords that they have put up in the meta description of their website actually tells us what they want to project E71 as.

Here is the meta description of Nokia E71 on their website :

The Nokia E71: designed for business, with high-speed downloads, faster messaging and email. Today work is where we are. Now meet the mobile device designed for the way we work. With optimised messaging and email , high speed connections, and navigation.

And the Keywords that they are using as tags are :

Nokia E71,Nokia, Nokai, Nokia devices, Nokia E71, E71, business, Eseries, personal, 3G, email, HSDPA, camera, MP3, WLAN, internet, mobile office, VoIP, office, FM radio, GPS, Nokia Maps, calendar.

Whereas if you look at the iphone page source code what they talk about is very different from Nokia E71.

Here is the meta description of Iphone on their website :

"iPhone 3GS is a GSM cell phone that’s also an iPod, a video camera, and a mobile Internet device with email and GPS maps.">

In the keywords description they have used the "best" tag a number of times and also lots of thier applications are lifestyle oriented. Intrestingly Iphone has a few keywords like "Blackberry" and "Microsoft" ;) and Google as well.

3G,camera,Internet,popular,accessories,carriers,latest ,providers,applications,cell
phone,location,reviews,appstore,chat,maps,ringtones,at&t,compare,Microsoft,shop,att,comparison,mobile phone,smartphone,battery,coverage,models,software,bestcellphone,download,music,touchscreen,best mobilephone,email,newiPhone,video,blackberry,games,new,voicecontrol,Bluetooth,gmail,iPhone,weather,business,Google,i Phone,Windows,buy,Google Maps,pictures,wireless,buy iPhone,gsm,plans,WWDC

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