May 19, 2008

NieIsen income filter a question mark ?

Nielsen Misgivings:

The highest Nielsen income filter says RM 5000+ , now if we have to find out what does a guy having an income of RM 7500 consume differently from a guy having an income of RM 13000.

Or if we assume, that one of the reasoning that 60% of the Malaysian population lies below RM 4000(Nielsen)
Then whats the point of having so many malls in KL , selling Gucci and Calvin Klien(Maybe the SEC leap has been so significant that even a 4500 RM earner is buying Calvin Klien and spending the month with the rest RM500 he saved after the high value shopping blitz J).

The take is that Nielsen next round should, have a RM 10000 + Filter at least or we brand the study for SEC C’s.

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