Apr 19, 2013

What did Omnicom do to get the HTC business?

Update :  They have already lost the business since this blog. I think they shouldnt have been so quiet as Samsung and Apple have been shouting on the top of their voices.

HTC awarded the media business to Omnicom in the beginning of 2013 . One of the key reasons Omnicom picked up the business is because they could show how they could weave-in content in the overall communications strategy.

HTCs "Quietly Brilliant" tagline would not let them create noise in the same manner a Samsung can. I was visiting Milan last year and it was incredulous to see a lighted Samsung billboard right on the walls of the the legendary Duomo (How does Samsung convince the Italians  to put a billboard on a hertage site) . Loud , Brash advertising  positioning like this will be alien for a brand like HTC.

Omnicom definitely told HTC - "You are doing things the wrong way !!!!".

This graphic shows that they clearly made things obvious for HTC that they are wrongly positioned in the and they should work on changing the way people look at HTC.

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