Apr 19, 2013

What did Omnicom do to get the HTC business?

HTC awarded the media business to Omnicom in the beginning of 2013 . One of the key reasons Omnicom picked up the business is because they could show how they could weave-in content in the overall communications strategy.

HTCs "Quietly Brilliant" tagline would not let them create noise in the same manner a Samsung can. I was visiting Milan last year and it was incredulous to see a lighted Samsung billboard right on the walls of the the legendary Duomo (How does Samsung convince the Italians  to put a billboard on a hertage site) . Loud , Brash advertising  positioning like this will be alien for a brand like HTC.

Omnicom definitely told HTC - "You are doing things the wrong way !!!!".

This graphic shows that they clearly made things obvious for HTC that they are wrongly positioned in the and they should work on changing the way people look at HTC.


Dec 22, 2011

Griffith University researcher Dr Nicholas Rohdes model might have faults

Griffith University researcher Dr Nicholas Rohde has used economic theory to compare batsmen from different eras. His model might be dependent how how has he set up the problem to find out the best batsman
In other words defining -  " What are the parameters in which the best batsman should be better than others?"

His area of specialisation is Statistics and Econometrics.

Now assuming he has used econometrics to compare. The problems can be set up in many ways  depending on which parameters are used to compare.

To compare batsmen -  Runs scored can be an Independent variable which would ideally lead to something like - Wins against difficult oppositions , Scored against best bowlers , Led to maximum series wins etc etc.

It will be difficult to say how has  has he set up the problem . In such cases more than the solution its important to investigate what is the problem!!

Nov 17, 2011

TV planning for China - CSM fused with CNRS

Kantar group has done well by bringing together CNRS (media data base) and CSM (TV database) to create TGR,which basically means that now TV planning is moving well beyond demographics and now its possible to have dogowners TV ratings if you are a dog biscuit brand.

Nov 16, 2011

Marketing in Rural China

I dont know whether MNCs are interested in marketing to the rural consumer when most of the companies are struggling to cover off the lower tiers like 2-3 and 4 but there are some interesting strategies listed in this Mckinsey report covering four broad areas - Franchising , Utilising Govt subsidies, Right fit pricing and lastely piggybacking on established networks like Hair which gets 40% of its revenues from rural.

By the way even compainies like Li Ning are finding difficult to cut ice in the rural China markets.

Almost half of China internet users hooked to ecommerce

The latest Acquity group China research says that 45% of people have bought from the web at least weekly.
And all this under the constraint the Visa and Master have very limited use in China.
One of the reasons that e commerce has taken off in China is that the portals like Taobao have a good process of payment through their Alipay system. And Activation of delivery is post delivery of goods.
Other reasons are convenience and variety - from Vegetables to Computers everything is available and cheap.One of the key reasons for the evolution is that its now a buyers Ecommerce market in China with buyers controlling the prices.

If you are interested to know more then this link tells you how the service is so believable and easy.

Nov 14, 2011

Online growth in lower tier cities of China picking speed through mobile

One of the interesting points made in this news release by Synovate China is the increase of Mobile web-usage in the Tier5 cities of China. The mobile web usage in these remote areas(comparatively) has overtaken Tier1 cities showing how quickly the lower tier consumers are become digitally savvy in this country which seems to be on steroids as far as economic growth is concerned.

Synovates Media Atlas has an different methodology in the fact that a part of their questionnaires are administered via CATI(telephonic) which might bring out the trends earlier(as by default a telephonic survey reaches the affluent gated communities where Face to face researchers might get access) than what a CNRS or CMMS which interview 100% face to face.

Oct 5, 2010

BuzzCity: 17% rise in mobile advertising

Global - In unveiling the results of its Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q3 2010 today, BuzzCity data gathered over a three-month period (July - September) has revealed a worldwide growth of 17% in mobile advertising.

Pioneer tipped to pick creative agency

Regional - Following a three-way pitch, Pioneer Electronics has appointed Creo Adworld as creative agency for its regional campaign, sources have told Marketing.

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