Dec 22, 2011

Why is Eoin Morgan a better batsman than AB De Villiers : Griffith University researcher Dr Nicholas Rhodes model might have answers

Griffith University researcher Dr Nicholas Rohde has used economic theory to compare batsmen from different eras. His model might be dependent how how has he set up the problem to find out the best batsman
In other words defining -  " What are the parameters in which the best batsman should be better than others?"

His area of specialisation is Statistics and Econometrics.

Now assuming he has used econometrics to compare. The problems can be set up in many ways  depending on which parameters are used to compare.

To compare batsmen -  Runs scored can be an Independent variable which would ideally lead to something like - Wins against difficult oppositions , Scored against best bowlers , Led to maximum series wins etc etc.

It will be difficult to say how has  has he set up the problem . In such cases more than the solution its important to investigate what is the problem!!

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