May 25, 2008

Convergence in use

Best things to happen to Live Cricket is not Harsha Bhogle but “Sopcasting”.

I went to to Moscow recently and coming from Asia , found the enviorment a bit off to my tastes in Moscow (probably even Europeans find it a little weird) , Was apprehended at the airport and half n hour later handed back my documents without any reason given for the delay.
TV was all of five Russian channels including the Russian version of Eurosport.
What saved the day was sopcast on my laptop.
So while eating Goulash soup from the Stockholm Restuaent that I was staying in and while gulping down shots of Vodka , I was watched the Live India Aurtalia from Perth.

This is a Leap , now taking this experience further why should I even care to check whether the Hotel is serving the full bouquet of channels .

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