May 25, 2008

Brand rub-off is huge on media ??

Embedded communications is the key to the success for brands today.

All Donald Trump's latest book releases say : From the star of NBC’s hit show The Apprentice.

All Apremtice’s Promos say : Starring Billionaire Tycoon “Donald Trump”

Lets look at a few examples. So how do you know Donald Trump, well I started knowing him from “The Apprentice” show on Prime Time. His Aura his way of working achievements came through the series. And also the famous line from the series “You are Fired” has become very popular.
In this case the brand was “Trump” and he rode on the Apprentice. This was a case of a famous personality with proven success who could take a Harvard graduate to task.
It’s a mutual Win Win for the media property as well as Trump, , more aTRP’s the Programme generates more popular Trump becomes and vice versa.

Trump adds his Aura to Apprentice
Apprentice adds more TRP to Trumps Kitty

Lets look at the recent association between the bollywood block buster Jodha Akbar and Jewellery Brand Tanishq . This historical movie is based on the life and times of the Mugal king Akbar and his wife Jodha . The elegant and classic designs of the jwellery of the Mugal age was recreated by the Tata Brand from India called Tanishq.

This is a classic case of how working on a movie project based on history can make an entire retro collection liven up for a brand ,Tradionally the brand would have created a retro collection and then peddled it on a ramp show or a booklet or maybe a collectible classic book, but all of these would have gone to a few elitist people.

With Jodha-Akbar having a huge reach in the Indian as well as overseas market Tanishq got a great platform to show case its understanding of the retro jwellery and also as a brand moving with the times t become associated with a latest blockbuster movie.

Now after the movie release “The Akbar Sword” a 3.5 feet long , 20 Kgs in weight and encrusted with 3000 Rubies and Diamonds is touring India with rest of the jwellry collection is a branding opportunity cashed in itself and this in turn is promoting the movie as well.

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