Jul 6, 2009

Great facebook profiles

Pringles (viral videos)
Coca-Cola (authentic message and respect to fanbase)
Starbucks (great status updates)
Adidas (linking to social media campaigns)
Red Bull (incorporation of Twitter into Fan Page)

Carol Phillips, in her blog ‘Millennial marketing’ explains why ‘brands make poor friends’. Social media and online communities are all about people talking to each other; a brand encroaching on this territory can be viewed as out of place as a grandparent at a sleep-over. Phillips, herself a mother of ‘millennials’ – roughly defined as those who were pre-teen at the turn of the century - quotes her own research into how young adults view brands who attempt to ‘befriend’ them on Facebook or Twitter. The results? At best, brand invisibility - simply not being noticed by teens, or ignored; at worst, a lasting lack of credibility by doing something considered to be deeply ‘uncool’.

Source : Emoderation.com

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