Jul 20, 2009

Facebook privacy settings and the financial category dilemma

Facebook Privacy

Works so well for private categories such as this!

And doesnt work for other private categories like this

One of the biggest threats to power brands like citibank is that they are not in a position to take any negative comments , but since they cannot shutoff facebook and twitter then just dont participate.

While doing a project for one of our banking clients I realised that apart from Stanchart there are no active profiles of banks on facebook. Stanchart has activated its property Stanchart marathon on facebook. Apart from that I have found no relevant banks on facebook.

Comparison drawn with Malaysian airlines which has done a great job with their facebook profile,More than just marketing and promoting its latest fares, Malaysia Airlines is finding new found flexibility in the ways it can market itself, as corporations themselves learn to become more robust in the way it handles its brand perception amongst a new wave of online influencers.

banks are basically scared. they just dont have the balls to get onto facebook , banks are scared of being criticised. So i will go ahead and tell my client its should get onto facebook as its an opportunity.

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